About us

In the Coeroenie resort at the south-western edge of the district of Sipaliwini, deep in the south of Suriname, is the indigenous village Alalapadu which is part of the Trio community. It has a population of around 110 inhabitants (circa 16 families).  The community lives in harmony with nature and they believe that if you take care of Mother Nature, she will always take care of you.

The foundation

Tuhka Foundation for Sustainable Development Alalapadu was founded on May 25, 2017 with the aim of increasing and promoting the well-being of the community in Alalapadu in Sipaliwini, in particular by the economic values ​​that occur in their residential areas, including the Brazilian nuts.The foundation is officially established in Alalapadu in the Sipaliwini district.

Her branch office is located in Paramaribo at the Kromme Elleboogstraat # 20.


The main tasks of the foundation are:

  • Selling and distributing the Tuhka oil produced in Alalapadu
  • Preserving, expanding and repairing the Tuhka trees in Alalapadu
  • Cooperating with organizations and bodies that directly or indirectly pursue similar or similar purposes
  • Managing the income derived from the proceeds from the sale of the Tuhka oil
  • Developing the village of Alalapadu

The board consists of two representatives from Conservation International Suriname, one representative from the village authorities and two representatives from the villagers of Alalapadu. The people who currently sit on the board are:

  • Kapitein Shedde Jitashe (President)
  • Tipane Padoe (Vice-President)
  • Krisna Gajapersad (Secretary) (CIS)
  • Sheila Marhé (treasurer) (CIS)
  • Donkesi Raipin Jitashe (lid)