Paramaribo – The indigenous village of Alalapadu in the Upper Suriname region officially started to sell Tuhka oil on Saturday. The oil is produced under own management, is one hundred percent organic and produced from para nuts or Brazil nut. The introduction on the market took place by handing over a number of bottles to Meryl Gunther of Dio drug store on Mr. Jagernath Lachmon Street.

Captain Morishi Janinipuring of Alalapadu is convinced that the production will be of great significance to the future of the village. The Tuhka Oil project began at the initiative of Conservation International Suriname (CIS) two years ago. The environmental organization came up with the plan to investigate how villages in the region could be supported and motivated to do something themselves to provide for their livelihood.  Alalapadu is the first of nine villages included in this planning.

A production plan was drawn up after the number of trees in and around the village was established and a feasibility study conducted. “With the purchase of machines we cannot but take advantage of the large number of nuts these trees produce”, says Sheila Marhe of CIS. The first production is 250 liters per month. “However, the potential is one thousand to fifteen hundred liters”, Marhe remarks. Almost all the villagers who are fit for work earn a living through the production process. According to Marhe this means fifty out of a hundred and ten villagers. She further notes that the establishment and protection of the methods of preparing the oil will be considered in a subsequent trajectory.

By producing cold pressed oil, all nutritional qualities of the nut are retained. It is a purely natural product without additives. It is useful for many purposes including hair and skin care, anti-aging care, as mosquito repellent and for various other conditions. “It is a genuine Surinamese product which contributes to the development of Alalapadu and therefore it has our full support and we are grateful that we were chosen for the official launching’’, says Gunter. Marhe points out that for some time already, Jomi Cosmetics has been buying Tuhka Oil in bulk for incorporation in its own products.